John Bolton

John Bolton

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pathologic Narcissist: The World Burns While Obama Takes Selfies

NOTE: I realize the issue of Obama's narcissism and how he demeans and disrespects the office he holds is important to understanding him, but the damage is far more serious. Please make sure to read the post prior to this one as well.

Two more years before we have a hope of putting an adult back in the White House!

Yemen is "collapsing" with Al Queda and Iranian backed terrorists running rampant. The U.S. has abandoned our embassy and run from the country. ISIS is surging in Iraq (see below). What's Obama doing? Is he huddling with his advisers to devise a strategy that might actually work? No. On the same day we learned of the death of Kayla Mueller, Obama was making selfie videos and photos to promote ObamaCare.

And what kind of selfies? Silly stuff like this:

Can you imagine the hyperventilating we would hear from the left if ANY Republican leader posed as if they were shooting a gun?

The Washington Post report with more photos and video described this bizarre event as "just Obama being a weirdo." The New York Times report called this a "humiliation" but don't agree.

The humiliation here is to the American people and the Office of the President the dignity and respect to which has been diminished by this Clown in Chief! Meanwhile the world continues to burn while Obama fiddles!

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