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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

After Constant Attacks on Bibi, Obama The Big Loser After Bibi Speech

Obama made sure the speech was a hit even as he demeaned the office of President!

House Speaker John Boehner presented Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a small bust of great wartime leader Winston Churchill to mark the occasion of Bibi's address to a Joint Session of Congress. It was an appropriate gift on so many levels. It was Churchill who supported the early development of the Jewish state and Churchill who also was called a "warmonger" for warning of the dangers of a coming world war. And it was Churchill who is the only prior world leader to address three of these joint meetings.

Better than Obama's State of the Union Address. Full size image here.
More photos from the Office of Speaker.
Obama no FDR

I'm reminded of those past speeches by Churchill. The support he received not just from Congress and the American people but also from Franlin Roosevelt who personally and eagerly supported Churchill's appearances on the hill. History records that Rosevelt listened to Churchill's first joint address on the radio and was most pleased with Churchill's speech and the reception it received. Contrast that with Obama's peevish dismissal of Netanyahu's speech as "nothing new."

Despite Obama's attitude, Netanyahu did Obama a great favor. He raised the warning of a bad nuclear deal with the Iranians in terms that were stark, clear and compelling. Something that Obama could, or would never do. In doing so, Bibi forced Obama to confront the delusion of the course he is on. In it's editorial on Wednesday the Washington Post said "Obama needs to provide real answers to Netanyahu’s arguments." Does anyone think Obama would be forced to answer for his naive and reckless course if Bibi had not spoken?

Transcript Here.
Full Video Here.

Obama's peevish and personal attitude in the run up to the speech raised public and media awareness of Netanyahu's address far above what it might have been if Obama had behaved more like a real President of the United States and welcomed Bibi to speak. John Podhoretz at the New York Post describes the consequences of Obama's attacks on Bibi this way:
What did all of this do? It made the Netanyahu speech the most important political event of 2015 by far.

It elevated Netanyahu’s powerful case against a nuclear deal with Iran to the highest level possible — so that the leader of a country of 8 million people roughly the size of New Jersey now possesses as much authority to discuss the issue as the leader of the free world.

Obama’s own national security mouthpiece, Ben Rhodes, has said the White House views a deal with Iran as the “biggest thing President Obama will do in his second term on foreign policy.”

Obama’s fit of pique against Netanyahu has led to a man-to-man showdown that will likely complicate that “biggest thing” immensely.

Netanyahu yesterday laid out, calmly and comprehensively, the reasons the deal is likely to be a bad one — and he had not only an audience of Americans vastly larger than he would’ve had if the president hadn’t had his hissy fit, but also the ear of the audience that matters most in this regard.That audience is the United States Senate. And his audience heard him.
So finally, Obama's childish and un-presidential behavior has backfired. BIGTIME!

No Naviete or Delusion for Netanyahu

Netanyahu laid out the painful reality of Iran's objectives:
NETANYAHU: America's founding document promises life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Iran's founding document pledges death, tyranny, and the pursuit of jihad. And as states are collapsing across the Middle East, Iran is charging into the void to do just that.

Iran's goons in Gaza, its lackeys in Lebanon, its revolutionary guards on the Golan Heights are clutching Israel with three tentacles of terror. Backed by Iran, Assad is slaughtering Syrians. Back by Iran, Shiite militias are rampaging through Iraq. Back by Iran, Houthis are seizing control of Yemen, threatening the strategic straits at the mouth of the Red Sea. Along with the Straits of Hormuz, that would give Iran a second choke-point on the world's oil supply.
Iran and ISIS are competing for the crown of militant Islam. One calls itself the Islamic Republic. The other calls itself the Islamic State. Both want to impose a militant Islamic empire first on the region and then on the entire world. They just disagree among themselves who will be the ruler of that empire.
You will never hear Obama speak so honestly about the reality of the Islamic Republic of Iran despite the fact that anyone who has been paying attention since Iran's revolution in 1979 recognizes it as a fact. Obama clings to his delusions and the prejudices of the left that always seek to blame America first.

But while Obama's warped ideological views will continue to damage U.S. national interests, Netanyahu's speech put the remaining adults in Washington on notice that we can't afford to look the other way while an arch enemy continues to drag the world down the path to Armageddon!

Churchill would have been proud!

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