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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Arrest in Ferguson Cop Shooting. Will Those Who Spread the Lies That Inspired This Criminal Also Be Brought to Justice?

Shooter is a friend of Dorian Johnson, Michael Brown's accomplice in store robbery and the one who spread so many lies about the shooting!

Thank God an arrest has been made. The suspect is a friend of Dorian Johnson, who did so much to start the big lie about what really happened in Ferguson the night Michael Brown was killed. It was a lie that the media embraced because it fit their prejudices towards white Police Officers. The media and many Democrats wanted it to be true. It was later positively disproved by both the Ferguson Grand Jury and the Department of Justice report on the shooting.

The shooter, Jeffrey Williams, 20, of north St. Louis County, is a criminal in violation of his probation. He is a friend of Dorian Johnson. His Facebook page shows he uses drugs to escape from reality or "da lies" as he calls it.

He's not alone in his desire to avoid the reality of the Ferguson shooting of Mike Brown. Democrats and others have bought into the lie entirely:

Democrat use the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives to spread a racist LIE.
Will THEY be held accountable for their words?
How about these player for the St. Louis Rams. Will THEY be held accountable for spreading a lie that has sparked so much violence and hate?
And what about all those protesters who STILL cling to the lie? Are they all on drugs like the cop shooter? Will they be held to account?

Where is the justice for Officer Darren Wilson, falsely accused of executing Michael Brown as he was trying to surrender? Where is the justice for the smears and assaults on police officers nationwide?

I propose the above fools get a new slogan:


Thanks AOW!

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