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Monday, April 20, 2015

Consequences of Obama's Russian Appeasement Unravel as U.S. Sends Thousands of Troops, Tanks and Missiles to Europe

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov
exceedingly happy to push the
"reset" in U.S. relations offered by
Secretary of State Clinton.
Next stop UKRAINE!
Don't say we didn't warn you!

First in March 2009 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton handed the Russian Foreign Minister a prop button that was supposed to signal a "reset" in relations between our two countries. As if relations during the Bush years were so bad.

Second, on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland Obama attempts to appease Russia by tearing up the hard fought agreement to position anti-missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Third, in 2012 Obama meets with then Russian President Medvedev and tells him that "“After my election, I have more flexibility," to offer further concessions on missile defense.

Fourth, two years ago in April, 2013 the U.S. removed the last of it's tanks and heavy weaponry from Europe. The moment was hailed as "closing a chapter in history."

No doubt the Russians could not believe their luck. Instead of a Reagan who held Soviets accountable they had an Obama who seemed willing to do anything to appease Russia. Instead of helping the U.S. with Iran, they are now selling that country the most advanced air defense missiles in violation of previous sanctions agreements. And of course they invaded Ukraine despite Obama's endless empty talk about "consequences" for doing so.

But perhaps those consequences weren't so toothless after all.

Tanks, Planes, Troops and Missiles Pouring Into Europe

Forced by events and the consequences of his policy of appeasement Obama is sending massive U.S. forces back to Europe. A convoy of U.S. troops and Patriot missiles rolled into Poland last month. Thousands of U.S. troops along with hundreds of tanks and other heavy fighting vehicles are now pouring into the Baltic States on the Russian border. "Tankbuster" A-10 aircraft are also being sent once again to European bases.

Imagine the howling we would hear from the left if a Republican President did the same thing!

In 2008 I warned that after the Russians invaded neighboring Georgia:
MIKE'S AMERICA: "If Russia knows, as it clearly does, that a divided NATO and a worthless U.N. will not stand up to such naked aggression, than they can and will do the same and worse again. If you don't care about that now. You will when a larger war breaks out!"
And it was Sarah Palin who understood that if the United States did not lead in condemning Russia's action in Georgia Ukraine would be next. Yet Obama refused to listen and blindly continued a policy of appeasement long after it was clear it produced the opposite result from that which was promised.

 Obama weakened our alliances and attempted to appease our Russian adversary. It was a reckless and dangerous act that might well lead to a wider war in Europe. And the blame lies entirely with Obama who put his failed ideology above the lessons of history!

P.S. In his Weekly Radio Address Obama stressed that global warming was the biggest problem we face. Obviously he doesn't see the writing on the wall!

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