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John Bolton

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Despite Desperate Obama Admin. Efforts to Stave Off Disaster Senate Committee Rebukes Obama's Iran Deal w/ Unanimous, Bi-Partisan Vote

Vote was 19-0 in favor of bill reminding Obama he can't go it alone on Iran deal!

Secretary of State John Kerry used to be Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He personally lobbied Senators, many of whom he has known for years, to stop the bill. But it passed with every Democrat including Barbara Boxer voting for it.

The White House is trying to spin it and say the bill is a "compromise" from an earlier version but anyone who has been paying attention knows that they did everything they could to kill it. The vote can't be seen as anything but a repudiation of Obama.

Obama must know something is very, VERY wrong when he can't even get hard core leftists like Barbara Boxer to go along with him!

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