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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Hillary Delusion: Dems Will Overlook Obvious Flaws Just As They Do With Obama

You have to admire Dems for their discipline. Even though it requires they give up critical and independent thought!

A neighbor sent me an email saying she had accidentally deleted the previous email I sent and would I please resend it. I responded that the missing email was probably in her deleted items folder; unless of course she had wiped her computer clean like Hillary Clinton did deleting tens of thousands of State Department emails.

She was not amused with my little joke. She made it clear she will support Hillary no matter what the same way she does with Obama. This despite the embarrassment of willfully ignoring Hillary's obvious flaws and ethical lapses. If any Republican had similar clouds hanging over them this person would be leading the charge demanding a Special Prosecutor and congressional investigations.

I suppose I should try to be more understanding of the dilemma such persons find themselves in. After all, having to defend two turkeys in a row must be stressful. But such Dems could teach conservatives a lesson about loyalty and support though most of us would never defend the indefensible as so many liberals are willing to do.

Another thing you'll notice is that the Dems don't really make much of an effort to provide any substantive defense of Hillary. Just like they did with Obama it's mostly about feelings. They will cite Hillary's resume: First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, but they grow quiet when you ask them to cite ACCOMPLISHMENTS from those years.

Whether it's man on the street or interviews with DNC officials Hillary supporters have trouble naming one accomplishment of hers that qualifies her to be President. One supporter did note that she traveled the world as Secretary of State but racking up frequent flier miles is hardly a noteworthy achievement. But even Hillary, when pressed, has trouble naming a significant accomplishment. Even liberal Mother Jones Magazine has trouble naming the reason for Hillary's candidacy.

Do Democrats really want to go through another campaign where the candidate mouths some basic platitudes of being on the side of children, the elderly and the Middle Class with nothing to show for it?

Hillary typo: "fighting children and families"

And just to show how bumbling Hillary's billion dollar campaign is, her staff sent out a press release with a typo saying "she’s fought children and families all her career." Is it any wonder she got communications with the Russians so screwed up?

With little but fluff on her record and so many ethical and legal issues clouding her campaign we're in for a HILL of a ride. Expect the smears against Republicans to start early and often. All the better to keep voters distracted from Hillary's weak points. Let's hope conservatives don't fall for the trap again and can unite early and remain loyal to a principled GOP candidate! It would be nice if the GOP nominee also had a strong record of accomplishment to run on but as we've learned from Obama and Hillary it's not a requirement!

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