Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Curious Odyssey of Black/White Rachel Dolezal Shows Why Some on the Left Have Become Strangers to Reality and the Truth

When the sense of grievance become so overwhelming, truth is often jettisoned in support of the cause. How many Rachel's have self-inflicted psychological wounds as a result?

We saw what happened in Ferguson Missouri where the lie took hold that teen Michael Brown had his hands up and was surrendering when he was shot. Despite the fact that the Department of Justice report under the command of Attorney General Eric Holder could not find any evidence to support that claim the lie persists.

And readers may recall the infamous rape hoaxes. Most recently the hoax by actress Lena Dunham and another at Amherst show that lying about rape, or believing you were raped despite clear evidence to the contrary is another left wing shibboleth.

Then, there's the environment. Some on the left claim that fracking for oil and gas causes methane to pollute drinking water. One judge found that a proponent of that theory went so far as to attach a propane tank to a kitchen faucet then lit the water on fire to make the case. Then there's climate change where we are told the "science is settled" yet scientists recently "adjusted" past temperature records in an attempt to show that there was no pause in warming.

Let's not forget NBC News anchor Brian Williams and the whoppers he repeatedly told.

In all these examples, if the case for the left was so strong why do they have to lie about it?

Enter Rachel Dolezal. She is the child of white parents. A genealogical study going back 350 years shows NO African bloodlines. Yet Rachel claims she is black. This despite the fact that she once sued Howard University for discriminating against her because she was white. Rachel later decided she was black and changed her hairstyle and makeup.

Rachel Dolezal. The white girl who turned black!
Now, we've seen people make changes in their appearance before. The late Michael Jackson is a good example. But I don't recall Jackson ever claiming he was white.

Michael Jackson as a child and adult
And if Bruce Jenner can put on a dress and call himself Caitlyn what's the big deal?

Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn
Rachel's lies reveal left wing pathology

Rachel went on to become the head of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the National Association of Colored Persons. No big deal. White people can support, even lead that liberal group if they want. But besides Rachel's outward transformation there is so much else about her that is a lie.

So much of what Rachel has said about her past is a lie. She has attempted to co-opt other family members to support those lies. It's obvious that Rachel has a problem.

But like so many of the examples cited above Rachel's problem isn't unique on the left. There appears to be an epidemic of what writer Stanley Kurtz called "The Wannabee Oppressed" where "a cult of victimization" seems to be the driving factor. Where did this virus orginate? On the college campus of course. You know, the place where only left wing thought is tolerated and any deviance from that rule will find the perpetrators shouted down or charged with hate crimes.

We should feel sorry for Rachel. She is a victim. Not of white society, but twisted left wing group think that insists that if you are not a victim, you are an oppressor. Rachel has been oppressed by the left. Can we know charge the left with hate crimes?

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