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John Bolton

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

ISIS Monsters Stage Ever More Brutal, Inhuman Executions

Perhaps Obama could tell us again how Christians are just as bad?

A new video by the terror group ISIS shows how evil they have become. Lost is any sense of humanity. The video link is at the bottom of a post at Right Scoop. More images are at the Daily Mail.

In the first clip men in an metal cage are lowered into a swimming pool and drowned. Underwater cameras capture their gruesome final agony.

In the second group several prisoners are lined up and have explosive cord placed around the necks before detonating.

Finally, prisoners shut into a car while one jihadi fires a rocket propelled grenade.

Imagine the horror these monsters will unleash if they ever get weapons in an American city. Are we ready to wait until that happens before we do something about it? Apparently Obama is!

UPDATE: ISIS War on Women. Where is Hillary Clinton?

From a report in the Daily Mail. The sex slaves of ISIS including girls as young as NINE years old! Why are U.S. women's advocates silent?

ISIS sex slaves chained and on their way to be sold!

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