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Monday, July 20, 2015

Illegal Immigrants Who Fled Deportation Orders Kill Puerto Rican Woman in Massachusetts

Does Mirta Rivera's life matter or is looking the other way on illegal immigration more important?

I could run a story like this once a week. Perhaps I should. Below you'll find the #blacklivesmatter crowd shouting down former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, who said "all lives matter." Earlier we talked about the silence from Obama when Kate Steinle was gunned down by a repeat deportee criminal alien in San Francisco.

Now, Mirta Rivera, 41, a grandmother originally from Puerto Rico and living in Massachusetts has been killed by criminal aliens who had been ordered deported:

Does Mirta's life matter? Why were criminal aliens
who killed her allowed to escape deportation order?
Boston Herald: Deportation orders failed to oust two illegal immigrants who are now up on drug charges and under investigation in the July 4 shooting death of a Lawrence grandmother — in an alarming case that critics say illustrates a revolving immigration door with dangerous consequences.

Dominican Republic nationals Wilton Lara-Calmona and Jose M. Lara-Mejia were arrested on drug charges by police investigating the shooting death of Mirta Rivera, 41. The Lawrence nurse was killed in her sleep by a gunshot fired through the ceiling from an upstairs apartment, where both men lived.

But Immigration and Customs Enforcement records reviewed by the Herald show the men shouldn’t have been in the country in the first place.

Lara-Calmona, 38, was deported in April 2012 and arrested for re-entering the country last November, the records show.

Lara-Mejia, 35, was nabbed crossing the border in August 2013 and ordered deported in April 2014, but had remained in the country illegally.

ICE spokesman Shawn Neudauer confirmed that Lara-Mejia “was ordered removed by a federal immigration judge on April 9, 2014, after failing to appear before the immigration court. He was considered an ICE fugitive until his July 4, 2015, arrest by local authorities in Lawrence, Massachusetts.”
Vaughan said crime involving illegals could be preventable, but the Obama administration has encouraged officials to look the other way when it comes to enforcing immigration laws — like the law that carries a two-year prison sentence for illegal re-entry, 10 years when it involves a felony crime.

“There is a law on the books intended to make people think twice after they get deported, but the problem is the U.S. attorneys often will not prosecute until someone has been deported multiple times,” Vaughan said.
There were no riots when Kate Steinle or Mirta Rivera were killed. No one protested or shouted down presidential candidates. Perhaps someone should! If all lives don't matter than no life matters! 

UPDATE: Government Accountability Office documents thousands of murders by illegals.

For those who think that the examples cited here are rare, a U.S. Government report from 2011 showed 70,000 sexual assaults, 25,000 murders and 125,000 robberies by illegal aliens. And that's just the ones that were caught. Furthermore, these stats are BEFORE the big wave of new illegals and fewer deportations brought about by Obama's policies.

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