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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Muslim Shooter Kills 4 Marines in Chattanooga. Will Tea Party be Blamed?

How far will Obama go to deny the link to ISIS?

It was only last month that leftists were insisting right wing extremists were more dangerous than Islamic terrorism (something Obama refuses to acknowlege exists).

Thursday we had the Chattanooga shooter killing four Marines before being killed by police. His name was Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez so naturally he must be a member of the Tea Party.

This despite the claim by ISIS for the attack which took place BEFORE the attack began.

Meanwhile, we continue to wage a feckless war against ISIS at it's source in Syria and Iraq.

Thanks Obama!

P.S. News reports indicate the military facilities attacked by this Tea Party Terrorist Muslim advocate for peace, were gun free zones!

UPDATE: The "nothing to do with Islam" delusion continues!

As usual, the Obama Administration and it's news media allies are bending over backwards to try and steer clear from connecting the dots in this attack to radical Islam and ISIS. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest went so far as to say “The FBI made clear yesterday that they are looking at a variety of possible motives, including the possibility of domestic terrorism.” Yet, the shooter has a blog with posts describing his journey to radical Islam and talked about past Islamic leaders who "fought Jihad for the sake of Allah. Every one of them had to make sacrifices in their lives." Yet if you listen to Earnest and the media you won't hear that.

Here's a sample of media reaction:
SHEPARD SMITH: (music) Now the search for motive.

DON LEMON: (music) ...too soon to know the motive.

LESTER HOLT: The motive for the attacks unknown.

JOHN BERMAN: Any sign of a motive?

PAUL CRUICKSHANK: We do not yet know the motive at this point.

ERIN BURNETT: They're desperately trying to figure out what the motive might have been.

WOLF BLITZER: This individual, we don't yet know the motive, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez.

JOIE CHEN: Investigators are already looking into the suspected shooter's background to identify some motive. The trail so far has not revealed much.
ABC News even ran a story calling the shooter a "typical American kid." Really? Shameful!

8 yr. old Martin Richard.
Killed by ??? 
While the White House seems desperate to avoid any link to their failed policy to combat ISIS, this is the seventh terrorist attack on U.S. soil during Obama's presidency with the death of dozens of Americans including eight year old Martin William Richard (pictured right) at the Boston Marathon. The White House would rather have you believe that right wingers are the real threat. Perhaps that's why they have devoted so much time fighting the Tea Party and Fox News and so little effort put into combating ISIS.

Obama Administration's attempt to deceive themselves (the American people are NOT fooled) would be laughable if the consequences of ignoring the problem were not so dire. I'm reminded of this video from a few years ago. Watch....

The Deadly Consequences of Obama's Indifferent War

Four Marines were killed Thursday. Among them was LCpl. Skip Wells, 21 from Marietta, Georgia. Wells had just graduated from boot camp. His service to his country was over just as soon as it began.

 LCpl. Skip Wells
The other three Marines:

Marines Carson Holmquist, Thomas Sullivan and David Wyatt were killed Thursday when a gunman opened fire on Chattanooga’s Naval Reserve support center.

Gun Free Zone Unless You Are an Islamic Terrorist

If gun free zones aren't the height of liberal stupidity I don't know what is!

"Firearms prohibited in this facility" reads the sign on the window of the Military Recruiting Center in Chattanooga.

UPDATE: 5th victim dies in hospital Saturday

Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith, 26 pictured  with his three daughters, all under six, and wife Angie

Want to stop lone wolf terrorism? Flatten ISIS!

Why can't Obama figure this out? It's obvious!

At National Review Online:
News flash: The single-most persuasive thing you can do to “win the war of ideas” is obliterate ISIS. To the jihadist mind ISIS’s success is the best argument for more jihad. ISIS’s success inspires new foot soldiers, leading radical Muslims to believe that finally the tide is turning in their favor, that the caliphate is upon us. Jihad thrives on success. Conversely, it withers in the face of defeat. This should be a matter of common sense, but too many Americans misunderstand martyrdom, believing that successful military operations are self-defeating because they “create martyrs.” No, martyrs are only truly inspiring (on a large scale) when they succeed, not when they fail.

Presidents can laud Islam as a “religion of peace,” they can host Muslim celebrations in the White House, and they can wage propaganda war all they want, yet absolutely none of it will matter so long as ISIS appears to prevail on the battlefield. Our current military campaign — while enjoying some tactical successes — fuels ISIS recruiting not because we’re killing Muslims but because ISIS is seen as confronting American might and prevailing.

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