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Saturday, July 04, 2015

On Independence Day America Still Stands Proud Despite Obama & Hillary

The United States of America is STILL the greatest country on earth!

For years I attended the 4th of July fireworks in Washington, DC. Early on I was just another spectator. Later I had the privilege to attend a 4th of July party on the White House grounds. But even when I was at the White House I left to watch the fireworks from the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial so as to get as close as I could to the action.

Over the years I also tried to take the perfect fireworks photograph. The one below is my favorite. It was taken with a 35mm camera (still can't get a digital camera to take anything like this) with film specially balanced for the incandescent lighting on the Washington Monument.

Photo by Mike's America.
After 7 years of Obama fewer are proud to be American

After years of Obama and the Democrats, and now Hillary, using race to keep blacks scared and voting (and to keep them from questioning why blacks are so much worse off than before Obama was elected) the deluge of racial politics has taken it's toll. Could it be a factor in this latest Gallup Poll:

The metric is now back to below it was when Bill and Hillary Clinton left office and began amassing the fortune that has him as the wealthiest ex President. Quite a feat to go from almost nothing to more than $55 million in a few years. I wonder how they did it?

Still, the outlook of Americans turned around after Bill and Hillary left office and it can do so again when Obama leaves office. Providing of course that Hillary doesn't take over as Obama's third term. It's up to Republicans to show some backbone for once and make that happen. And they can if they have the courage to seek out a leader like Reagan who isn't afraid to make this country great again as Reagan saw it: a "shining city on a hill."

For all Obama and Hillary's efforts to denounce America as a racist, oppressive country this is still the land of opportunity. Where else can a black man become President in a white majority country? Many of our top athletes and entertainers are black. Two Secretaries of State (appointed by a Republican President) were black. Hundreds of thousands of Hispanics, including children, risk death and violence to cross our southern border. Usually people flee oppression not the other way around.

This is still the greatest country on earth. Though how long it remains so is an open question. If Obama and Hillary get their way then our best days truly are behind us!

Happy 4th of July!

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