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Thursday, July 30, 2015

When Did the Life of a Single Lion Become More Important Than a Tidal Wave of Human Death?

The focus of so much outrage is misplaced and reveals much about why humanity is in the mess that it is!

Cecil the Lion currently scores more than 41,900,000 hits on Google. ISIS beheading Christians only gets 483,000. No wonder the Romans fed Christians to the lions in the Colosseum. Obviously, the crowd was cheering for the lions.

Dr. Walter J Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota has been turned into an international pariah with outrage and protests worldwide after shooting Cecil, a 13 year old lion in Zimbabwe.

Cecil in happier times.
For the record, my opinion is that trophy shooting of this sort is a senseless anachronism that has no place in the modern world. However, I am reminded that big game hunting and the revenue generated from hunting permits actually helps fund conservation efforts. Without that money, the refuges where animals are safe from hunters might not exist. But you won't hear any of those who are protesting the killing of Cecil offering to make up the difference if all hunting is stopped.

What's really puzzling is the near universal global outrage at Cecil's killing but apparently so little concern for the mass slaughter of human beings by ISIS. Or the daily destruction of thousands of human fetuses, some highly developed, in abortion mills like Planned Parenthood.

In the same way that the #blacklivesmatter crowd NEVER protests gang shootings that regularly kill black children in America's inner cities but focus instead on the RARE and frequent killing of blacks by police the outrage seems to be out of step with any real sense of proportion or humanity.

The sea ran red with blood over the mass beheading of Christians in Libya. Where's the outrage?
Babies like this butchered and sold for their parts. Where's the outrage?
No wonder humanity is in such sad shape when the death of a lion, however regrettable, garners more attention than the deaths of thousands of humans!

UPDATE: Network news covers Cecil the Lion more in one day than weeks of Planned Parenthood scandal.!

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