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John Bolton

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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Don't Miss First GOP Debate Thursday, 5PM EST or Prime Debate 9 PM EST

It's the kickoff to the 2016 race to repeal and replace Obama!

Here's the lineup. Candidates who are out for the prime time debate will have their own forum at 5 PM.
Prime time debaters are on top. Second tier will debate at 5PM EST.
I would preferred to see Carly Fiorina and Gov. Perry join the main group but they may get more time to shine in the earlier forum. But sadly that showing will have a much smaller audience.

When it comes to the main event how much can we expect to learn from the individual candidates with ten of them on stage? Will this forum be less about learning about the candidates and their differences and more about seeking attention with a memorable zinger or sound bite?

Plenty of debates will follow this event. Schedule is here. At some point the tree will have to be thinned and while we can enjoy this event because it's the first, we may learn more about the candidates in later  venues.

Either way I am excited the race to repeal and replace Obama is UNDERWAY!

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