John Bolton

John Bolton

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Piorities? Obama Marks Anniversary of Ferguson Racial Unrest Ignores 70th Anniversary of VJ Day

Queen Elizabeth II knows her duty lays in
honoring sacrifice! More at the Daily Mail.
Too busy on the golf course to remember the tens of thousands of Americans who fought for freedom but not too busy to stir the racial pot!

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain broke off her summer vacation in Scotland to attend a church service in London commemorating the 70th anniversary of Victory Over Japan or VJ-Day.

The Brits honored the sacrifice of their fallen soldiers and that of those still living with all the pomp and ceremony you would expect on the  70th anniversary of such an occasion.

Despite the fact that the U.S. lost more than 20 times more soldiers, airmen and sailors than the Brits, Obama couldn't be bothered to honor their sacrifice. On Saturday Obama used his Weekly Radio Address to stir the race pot again on the anniversary of the Ferguson, Missouri unrest. Not a peep about  VJ Day. No parades, no aging veterans or flyovers. Nothing!

But then, Obama doesn't usually pay attention to great national moments where he isn't the center of attention or can gain some political traction by pitting one group of Americans against another as he continues to do with Ferguson.

Still, we have veterans who deserve to be honored and those who fell who deserve to be remembered and a new generation of young people who have no clue  what it was all about. Too bad we have a President who has no clue either!

UPDATE: What Was Obama Doing on VJ Day?

Golfing with Bill Clinton. In nearly all the photos from this outting Bill Clinton appears to be talking. One wonders if the subject of the FBI seizure of Hillary's email server came up?

Obama: Golf more important than VJ Day 70!

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