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John Bolton

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Scott Walker Follows Perry Out of GOP 2016. Another Casualty of a Nominating Process that Focuses on Celebrity, Not Competence or Experience!

Good candidates are being lost in the noise!

Gov. Scott Walker riding his Harley.
He's smart, he's young, he's survived everything the Dems threw at him in Wisconsin. But he was beat in the GOP 2016 nominating contest by a relentless media focus on celebrity with Donald Trump sucking all the oxygen out of the room. In the last CNN debate he got only nine minutes in a three hour long debate. Hardly a fair way to judge his ability!

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker follows Rick Perry out of the 2016 contest. Both would make great presidents. But instead, the show will go on without them.

Here's what Trump did to Walker in Iowa where he went from frontrunner in July to next to nothing in September:

Like Perry in Texas Walker is a man of ideas and a proven record of success in Wisconsin. Both are now gone leaving voters with fewer choices. Once the novelty of Trump fades, we may wish we had a Walker or a Perry to fall back on!

UPDATE: Walker campaign autopsy from National Journal. Will his fall benefit Rubio?

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