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Friday, October 09, 2015

Obama's Looming Surrender in Syria Has Consequences Far Beyond Middle East

This is worse than Poland in 1939. At least then Brisith Prime Minister Chamberlain realized his policy of appeasement was wrong!

It's official. The Obama Administration has thrown in the towel (a WHITE towel) on their plan to train and arm Syrian rebels. For over a year that has been Obama's ONLY plan to defeat ISIS in Syria and topple Assad.

Now the brilliant arm chair generals in the White House are insisting they will directly arm Syrian opposition fighters already in the field. This is something they could have done years ago when it might have done some good. But now that Russia and Iran are carving up Syria even that belated change in policy stands little chance of success.

Russians not bomb shy when it comes to exerting their national interest.
Bombing U.S. allies because they know they can!
And while Syrian forces nominally allied to the United States are begging for help they are still not getting it. Instead, they are being bombed by the Russians and attacked by Iranian ground troops.

Behind the scenes, rumors abound that Obama is about to surrender in Syria. It would be another significant strategic defeat for the United States. Some might ask, isn't that exactly what Obama wanted?

Russians in Iraq too?

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Prime Minister, no stranger to Obama's weak, feckless approach to fighting ISIS may even "welcome" Russian forces to fight in Iraq!

General: Russian Move Signals Danger in Europe Too

Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee retired General Jack Keane warns that Russia (I would include Iran as well) is waging "a proxy war" against the United States:
Putin, believing U.S. and European leadership to be weak, “is counting on the U.S. fear of escalation and fear of confrontation to stop any thought of retaliation.”

“Historically, aggression unanswered, has led to more aggression.”

“If we continue to wring our hands and continue to be dominated by fear and opposed to instilling fear, then Russian aggression will not just advance in the Middle East – it will with certainty escalate in the Baltics and eastern Europe,” Keane said.
Putin has already dismantled Ukraine and Obama did nothing. Now consider this:

Russian invasion of Syria gives base of operations effecting large portions of the Middle East.
This can't be a good thing!
Around the world the bad guys are growing in strength and daring. Hitherto kept in check by a strong and determined United States there is a growing danger to peace and security. You can thank Obama for that!

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