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Monday, November 23, 2015

Does ISIS Give Specific Target Warning Before Attacking? No, But Obama Does. No Wonder We are Losing!

If you wanted proof Obama is not serious about a war against ISIS here it is!

How many YEARS has Obama been saying he was going to defeat ISIS? Now we learn that not only has he not ordered the bombing of ISIS oil operations up to now but when he did he made sure that we warned ISIS in advance! Does this sound like someone who is serious?

Here's the flier dropped by the U.S. Air Force before FINALLY bombing ISIS oil trucks which have provided billions for ISIS terror operations:

Do we really think the ISIS truck drivers are deserving of such courtesy? The New York Times reports that only a third of 295 oil trucks were actually destroyed following the warning. This isn't just too little, too late. It's laughable!
Does this look like ISIS is contained?
Let's review: ISIS has sold young girls as sex slaves, beheaded children, burned men alive, crucified and, massacred men in Syria and Iraq while killing thousands elsewhere. Do they really deserve advance notice of an air strike?

Again, whose side is Obama on?

UPDATE: NYTimes reports Obama Administration pressured intelligence analysts to downplay threat of ISIS.

Again, whose side is Obama on?

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