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Monday, November 16, 2015

Whose Side is He On? World Leaders Hold Moment of Silence to Honor Paris Victims. Obama Was LATE!

And now says he will listen to anyone with ideas on better strategy to combat but not Republicans and apparently not his generals either!

Across the world a moment of silence was observed to mark the Paris attacks and remember the victims. In Turkey, where world leaders gathered for the G20 Summit, this picture documents the moment. Who's missing?

Obama AWOL once again. Late arriving for moment of silence with other world leaders in Turkey.
Readers may recall Obama skipped the march led by world leaders in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo attacks sending our Ambassador instead. Missing one ceremony might be overlooked. Missing TWO looks like he's doing it on purpose. Why? Perhaps the same reason he can't call these terrorists Islamic.

Obama Peeved with Criticism on Strategy

Ever notice how Obama gets more passionate and animated criticizing Republicans than he does in expressing anger towards ISIS? He did it again on Monday at a press conference in Turkey.

Insisting that his strategy is working Obama invited those who have a better idea to meet with him, but he's "too busy" to include any Republicans. He claims he listens to the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon but there has been story after story after story over the years showing that this is NOT the case. (1,2,3,4) Time and time again Obama has refused to follow the advice of his generals and refuses to listen to ANYONE who has ideas on a better strategy.

He called the Paris attack a "setback" in the war on ISIS. Setback is a word he has used before. Most recently six months ago when ISIS took the major Iraqi city of Ramadi. After the Benghazi attack which killed four Americans on September 11, 2012 he said it was a "bump in the road" and insisted his strategy was sound. How many more "setbacks" or "bumps in the road" will we suffer before he wakes up?

Obama Strategy Deferring to Iran?

Terrorism and Islamic expert Walid Phares explains why Obama is not encouraging Arab nations to take up the fight:
PHARES: Actually we can and actually we should, but the president has a different strategy. He's getting a lot of pressure by the Iranians. Otherwise he should have long time ago allied himself, partnered with Arab moderate forces such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, they are fighting terrorism very much and very well in Yemen, in Sinai, in Libya, elsewhere, but the reason that he's not going to these moderate Arab forces and asking them on the ground to be boots on the ground is because the Iranians are pressuring him because the Syrian Regime is pressuring him. They don't want those areas, those Sunni areas to be liberated by Sunni moderates because they won't have access to them. That's the bottom line of it.
Faces of the Dead

I challenge readers to view the photo of the carnage at the concert hall in the post that follows below. Especially if you think Obama's strategy to defeat ISIS is working. Here's a partial list of known victims too young to die:

Too young to die. Images of Paris victims.

Other Dems have no strategy for ISIS. Sen. Dianne Feinstein admits Obama strategy not working.

Syrian refugees already arriving. Here's where they are going. Buy your terrorist insurance now!

House Republicans seek to cut off funding for Syrian refugee resettlement. No doubt they will blink the moment Obama threatens to shut down the government!

Daily Mail has an excellent article on Molenbeek, a suburb of Brussels Belgium which has become terrorist central for the jihad. The main reason it became that way was self segregation by the Muslim population and resentment towards their generous hosts. Welfare benefits don't satisfy young men who make up the majority of today's refugees. The problem is much larger than a handful of ISIS infiltrators.

Does anyone really believe that bringing tens of thousands of predominantly young Muslim men into the U.S. and not assimilating them will end well?

Fictional TV Character Gets It. Why Can't Obama?

If you haven't see this, please do so. Do you think Obama gets it?

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