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John Bolton

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

How Many Hundreds of Blacks Will Be Murdered as a Consequence of #blacklivesmatter Anti-Cop Protests?

Nationwide the rise in violent crime is skyrocketing and blacks are the biggest victims!

After dramatic decreases in violent crime the past ten years there has been a sudden upward surge in that category including homicides. The worst violence is centered in cities all controlled by Democrats. Very few cities have seen a decrease in violent crime.

A good article discussing this sorry trend is the first item here.

#Blackliesmatter has been very vocal in denouncing police shootings of unarmed blacks. But that number is just a few dozen at most. The increased number of blacks murdered (mostly by other blacks) will be several hundred or more and the rate continues to rise.

At what point does #blacklivesmatter accept responsibility for the consequence of their protest which has left police in many of the worst affected cities unwilling to risk preventing criminal acts for fear of being branded as racists?

Hundreds of blacks who would otherwise be alive today are dead because of the idiocy of the #blacklivesmatter crowd and the Democrats like Obama who are behind it all!

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