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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Liberal Wash Post Cartoonist Mocks Ted Cruz's Children

A new low? The left is just getting started!

In the Washington Post, or the New York Times or in ANY so-called mainstream media you would NEVER find anything disparaging about Obama's two children. You won't find anything like that at Fox News either. This despite the fact that Obama has used his two girls frequently in speeches and photo ops to make a political point.

But if you are conservative like Ted Cruz and you make a humorous Christmas video featuring storytelling to your two girls ages 7 and 5 the lib media will come gunning for you AND your children.

Here's the Cruz Christmas video. It's amusing and cute. Here's what the Washington Post cartoonist said about it:

Show me where the Wash Po or any other "mainstream" media has treated Obama's children like monkeys! The screams of "RACIST" would still be ringing in our ears. But apparently, it's just another day at the office to tag the children of a conservative candidates as monkeys on a leash!

Oh, the Post did eventually pull the cartoon but only after making sure all their left wing buddies got a copy. That's how this kind of character assassination works.

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