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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Epidemic of Rape by Muslim Refugees in Europe Just the First Sign of a Bigger Problem

Yet national leaders in Europe, as in the U.S., continue to deny the link to Islam!

On Thursday a Muslim man citing Islam as his motivation fired nearly a dozen rounds of ammunition into a police car in Philadelphia, seriously wounding a police officer. The Mayor of Philadelphia went out of his way to insist that the shooting had nothing to do with Islam. How many times after some terrorist atrocity have we seen Obama do the same thing? For days after the San Bernadino massacre Obama clung to the "workplace violence" meme used for years to excuse the Fort Hood shooting by Major "Allahu Akbar" Hassan. It's only when it became obvious to all that he admitted San Bernadino was a terror attack but still it had nothing to do with Islam.

It's the same suicidal insanity that is turning a blind eye to the Rape Jihad that exploded into view on New Year's Eve across Europe. While the attacks on New Year's Eve were spectacular for their brazenness they were nothing new. There has been a Rape Jihad going on in Europe for years (1,2,3) It is a willful delusion to think that Islam has nothing to do with the problem when the Koran openly states:
sura 33:50 O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers, and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the captives of war whom Allah has assigned to thee.
We see the horrific stories of Yazidi sex slaves brutalized in the name of Islam by their captors. Remember the story of CBS News Reporter Lara Logan brutally raped in Tahrir Square covering the Arab Spring uprising that brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt with Obama's help. Her health continues to suffer as a result.

Now we see hundreds of cases of rape on New Year's Eve across Europe with the same mentality towards women. It's a shocking sign of a larger problem that has been building for some years as refugees from the Middle East flood into Europe. Even peaceful Sweden has seen rape skyrocket to where Sweden is now third in the world for rape per capita. Muslim men are responsible for a large share of the problem. Other European countries are facing a similar epidemic.

Muslim culture is in every way the driving force behind this problem:
What they did know is that under Islam women are inferior beings who should be denied autonomy — particularly over their own bodies — sexual property, the property of their male relatives. If Muslim women step out of line, they are liable to be the victims of an honour killing. If they suffer a sexual assault, they are forced to say nothing, lest disgrace fall on their families, even when they themselves are entirely innocent. For Muslims, non-Muslims are in every way inferior and the freedom enjoyed by their womenfolk is the worst aspect of that inferiority. In consequence non-Muslim women may be attacked and exploited without compunction. There is a direct link between the insistence on the wearing of a hijab for those within the fold and the raping of those outside, between an obsession with modesty for those women who are family property and the utter disregard for the rights of those women who are free.
Islamic apologists have brainwashed themselves and anyone else stupid enough to listen that this has nothing to do with Islam. It's another example of how political correctness kills. Even the rape obsessed left in American politics seems hell bent on denying the truth. They twist the truth in the same way they condemn Bill Cosby but not Bill Clinton for sexual assault.

Former Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy points out that the problem is two fold. First, to admit that Islam is involved and second, to reform it:
Knowing that Westerners are unfamiliar with Islamic scripture, Islamist apologists deceptively scoff at the notion that something as heinous as sex slavery could have roots in Muslim doctrine. Since people of good will desperately want to believe this is the case, they avoid researching the matter and are all too ready to assume that anyone who would suggest such a thing simply must be a slanderous Islamophobe.

On the other hand, Islamic audiences know the scriptures and are taught that they are the verbatim instructions of Allah. It is further inculcated in them from childhood that anyone who attempts to repeal, criticize, or interpret Islamic scripture in a manner contradictory of ancient Islamic teaching is guilty of blasphemy — and of apostasy if the person making the attempt is a Muslim. Sharia makes those offenses punishable by death.
With Obama's insistence that we must admit hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees how long before we see mass sexual assaults like those in Europe? How many more young women will be raped because Obama and other leaders like him prefer the delusion that Islam is not at the root of this problem? Where is the rape culture left?

UPDATE: Teach refugees to respect women's rights? Here's the latest on the left wing crazy train. A writer at the Independent, a UK newspaper insists that "if we can teach refugees English or German, we can also teach them about the importance of equality and human rights." Good luck with that. Especially since it's the left who refuses to acknowlege that the teachings of Islam are behind the problem and have lectured for years on the benefits of multiculturalism and political correctness. Are feminists now going to be allowed into the mosques to spread the word? I'd love to see that!

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