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Monday, January 18, 2016

Has Bush PAC Ad/Mailing Blitz in South Carolina Paid Off with Bush Move to Third Place in Palmetto State?

For Jeb Bush, it's good news to be third!

I have been getting a mountain of mail and many phone calls from the political action committee working on behalf of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Here's a sample of the recent mailings, all very expensive:

A sample of the Jeb Bush mail blitz arriving at Mike's America.
From the other candidates I've received a half page card from Cruz and a Christmas card from Donald Trump. On top of the mail blitz, you can hardly turn on the television without seeing a Bush ad.

Lately, the mailings and ads have been overwhelmingly negative on Rubio. There have been few polls taken in South Carolina for the GOP race but Opinion Savvy has been polling throughout the season and uses large samples which give the best results. In their January poll taken after the GOP debate in Charleston Bush has moved 3 points up from the December poll and overtaken Rubio for third place.  Don't let anyone tell you negative ads don't work!

Here's the January result:
Trump: 32%
Cruz: 18%
Bush: 13%
Rubio: 11%
Carson: 9%
Christie: 4%
Fiorina: 3%
Huckabee: 2%
Kasich: 2%
Paul: 2%
Santorum: 1%
Undecided: 3%

Bush's plan is to knock out Rubio and then represent himself as the better qualified alternative to Trump and Cruz. Will it work? Jeb's PAC still has a pile of money to spend

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