Thursday, January 07, 2016

Muslim Refugees Prime Suspects in Organized Sexual Assaults Across Germany on New Year's Eve

This is what happens when leaders don't think past their compassion for refugees!

Stories are starting to pile up about the problem of assimilating millions of mostly Muslim males into European society.  Whether it's the questionable decision to relocate hundreds of Muslims to a tiny German town whose native population is 100 or the rock fights breaking out between Syrian refugees in Sweden and the locals the trouble is only just starting.

Now this: organized gangs of Arabic and African men, including many Syrian refugees, sexually assaulted and robbed women in New Year's Eve celebrations across Germany.

Meanwhile, the wave of arriving refugees continues. Here's a busload of arrivals in Holland on January 6th. Notice anything? All young men.

The do-gooders who opened the floodgates for Muslim refugees didn't do much thinking about what those refugees would do once they arrived. Many of these men are unskilled and do not speak the native language. They will be relegated to second class status and live in a "parallel society" that does not share Western values.

Forget the myth of Guantanamo being a recruitment tool for terrorists. This situation is a prime breeding ground for terrorists. It's a ticking time bomb of the first order. The New Year's Eve assaults were just a warning of worse to come. Why would Obama want to replicate the same problem here in the U.S.?

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"Based on the facts, as we know them, today's action may have prevented a catastrophic terror related event in the making and saved countless lives," said Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.

UPDATE: Problem in Europe much bigger than Germany. New Reports:

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