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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Winner of the Best New Year's Eve Fireworks: L O N D O N!!!

See the video for the grand finale. A blizzard of fireworks!

In my New Year's Eve post I usually put up a photo from Sydney Australia which celebrates the New Year hours earlier than we on the East Coast of the United States. But in doing so, that means I slight London. Sorry Aussies, but the Mother Country has you beat when it comes to fireworks spectaculars. You may have the Sydney Opera House but you don't have Big Ben!

It isn't that the Brits have a great venue on the River Thames for their fireworks. It isn't that they have an excellently timed presentation with music. It isn't even how they work the London Eye into the center. No, New Year's Eve is entirely focused on time and there's no more famous timepiece in the world than Big Ben. The Brits were once the world's timekeepers and they continue to pull out all the stops here.

Happy 2016 from London! See fireworks images here. Also, see thisthis and this.

The video is simply stunning! Great aerial photography from the BBC. The last thirty seconds are a blizzard of fireworks!

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