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John Bolton

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dem Contest is Rigged! Hillary to Get New Hampshire Delegates Equal to Bernie

The Democratic Party is not democratic. Who knew?

Last fall, rank and file Democrats in New Hampshire staged an open revolt against Democrat leaders who limited debates to help Hillary Clinton. Many of those who protested were supporters of Bernie Sanders who won Tuesday's New Hampshire Democrat primary by over 20%.

So, imagine the surprise of the Bernie Bros when they learn that Hillary Clinton is estimated to get the same number of New Hampshire delegates to the National Convention as Bernie.

The fix is in. Democrats have what are called "Super Delegates" made up of state and local bigwigs. Hillary has the pledged support of 360 nationwide while Bernie has 8. Sanders may have gotten more delegates in the primary, but with Hillary's six NH Super Delegates she will have the same amount of NH delegates as Bernie.

While the GOP has an increasingly confused way of assigning delegates, they do not have Super Delegates as such. There are 210 state party leaders who are "unassigned" through the primary process but not in any way the same as the fix in the Democratic Party. No where near enough in each state to upset the results of a landslide primary win.

What will the Berniebots do when they learn they've been cheated? Can't blame this one on Republicans!

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