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Friday, February 12, 2016

New South Carolina Poll Shows Little Has Changed Since Iowa and New Hampshire.

Trump still has large lead over Cruz with others following!

It's an Augusta Chronicle poll with a large sample of 779 very likely GOP voters. Here are the full results.  Interesting that not much has changed at the top of the race from the previous polls taken before Iowa and New Hampshire. The previous Chronicle poll had Trump leading Cruz by fourteen. Now his lead is sixteen. And while the previous poll suggested momentum for Jeb Bush he actually dropped two points in the latest. Meanwhile, Carson has dropped four points to five and Kasich up six to nine. Essentially, it's a two man race with a bunch of others who haven't figured that out yet.

South Carolina Not Down and Dirty

Meanwhile, the race is heating up with negative ads. This is a natural consequence of the race tightening and the candidates desire to score a knock out punch on opponents to consolidate their position before the "SEC" or Super Tuesday primary of mostly southern states. Yet if you watch the talking heads on television all you hear is about how brass knuckled South Carolina politics are. Sure, we're not afraid to throw a punch down here but it's not much worse here than you find anywhere else. So knock off the Palmetto bashing!

Built in Advantage for Cruz?

Aaron Blake at the Washington Post put up this interesting item. Many of the upcoming states in the SEC primary have large evangelical Christian communities which gave the victory to Cruz in Iowa.

Eight days  to go before Republicans vote in South Carolina. It's going to be interesting!

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