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John Bolton

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Afternoon Flash: Is Rubio Posed for Upset in South Carolina?

Last minute polls suggest Rubio could beat Cruz and come in only a few points behind Trump!

Report suggests that the endorsement by South Carolina Nikki Haley might have something to do with it. Either way, if Rubio pulls ahead of Cruz and within striking distance of Trump it could be a game changer for the race moving forward.

All along it's been known that a significant percent of GOP primary voters prefer a candidate other than Trump. Should those voters now decide Rubio is the ticket it may propel the Florida Senator to the front of the race just before the crucial Super Tuesday primary in March.

Early in the contest Cruz gained footing by avoiding attacks on Trump. That changed in Iowa where Cruz's attack enabled him to win that state. But some voters I have spoken to did not like Cruz's more aggressive style. Rubio has low keyed his attacks using surrogates and mail to do the dirty work.

Of course if Rubio does threaten Trump directly the billionaire developer won't be so kind to Rubio in future forcing him to respond.

It's these little ups and downs that make this race so much more interesting than the Democrat snooze fest. Stay tuned!

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