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John Bolton

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Nancy Reagan RIP. Dead at 94

A real class act!

Nancy Reagan July 6, 1921 - March 6, 2016 . 
Lou Cannon has a short biography in the New York Times.

I won't forget the first time I met her in Cincinnati, Ohio shortly before the Ohio primary in May 1980. I was able to run right up to her and her husband as they arrived for a campaign event in Fountain Square. Later, I would see her at the White House during my time there.

She endured an endless litany of the most personal and abusive attacks ever launched against a First Lady by the left. Things were said about Nancy that would never be tolerated today if they were said about Michelle Obama. And Nancy handled it all with style, grace and wit just like her husband.

Rather than say more, I offer this photo tribute with selections from the Reagan Library photo archive:

More photos follow the jump...

Style Returns to the White House

Preparing for Inaugural Balls January 1981.

Nancy Brought glamour back to the White House after the "malaise" of the Carter years.
The left never forgave her. Her critics now marvel as Michelle Obama does the same!
So many official duties

With Pope John Paul II
Escorting Raisa Gorbachev at White House State Dinner. Nancy Reagan was a prime driver for peace efforts
with the Russians. Reagan's peace through strength plan should be a model for future efforts.
Honoring America's war dead at D-Day anniversary in Normandy, France.

Hugging a child on a visit to a handicapped children's center in London 1981.
Fun and informal moments

Reagan's at their California retreat:  Rancho del Cielo.
An evening in the White House theater.
On the golf course.
TV Trays for dinner in the White House residence.
Nancy Reagan as "Second Hand Rose" at Washington Gridiron Dinner.
President Reagan surprises Nancy at a luncheon honoring Mrs. Reagan
at GOP convention in New Orleans 1988.
A final goodbye...

Rest in Peace Nancy Reagan for a job well done!

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