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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The European Muslim Mistake and What We Should Learn From It

A society that refuses to stand up for it's values and appeases radicalism in the name of political correctness invites terrorism!

Over a number of years Europe has opened it's doors to millions of Muslim immigrants and refugees. The Pew data at right doesn't even cover the tidal wave of the last five years.

Europe has welcomed the Muslim invasion with open arms and generous welfare and housing benefits. Muslim migrants can expect to live much better in European cities than they ever could in impoverished Middle East and African countries they left behind.

Yet apparently authority figures in European capitals have failed to notice that despite their generosity many of these new immigrants have not adopted the more progressive values of their new homeland. Instead, they have become embittered and radicalized.

In both Paris and Brussels attacks the planners and perpetrators are largely first generation citizens born in Europe to parents who emigrated from Muslim countries or arrived as children.

Yet instead of adopting Western ways they turned against the majority population and are guilty of these horrific crimes. Why?

In the U.S. we have what the late UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick called the "blame America first" left. As Kirkpatrick described it, no matter what the problem in the world the left in the U.S. would always blame America first.

But this idiocy isn't limited to the United States. Leftists in Europe share that same self loathing ideology and in the wake of the Paris and Brussels attacks seek to place blame on themselves and their own society rather than on the radicalized Islamic ideology that the terrorists openly proclaim as their motivation.

Now Europe finds itself in the situation of millions of new, mostly young male refugees, that are turning cities into no-go zones for women. Could anyone have imagined that Sweden, yes SWEDEN would now be the rape capital of Europe due to Muslim migrants, second only to South Africa as the rape capital of the world. Where are the feminists who shout RAPE at every imagined "microaggression" on a college campus?

The situation in Europe is out of control because the left which controls most governments thinks it is politically incorrect to demand that those whom they welcome, feed and house should be willing to adopt Western values.

Perhaps the best summation of the problem comes from Leon de Winter, a Dutch novelist and commentator:
There is no difference at all in socioeconomic status between youngsters from a low-education, blue-collar Belgian background and youngsters from a Muslim migrant background. Both have to struggle, both have to overcome weak socioeconomic family situations. In Spain, youth unemployment has reached 50 percent and the welfare state is less developed than in Belgium, yet Spanish citizens aren’t blowing themselves up in metro stations.
Muslim integration into Europe societies is successful when Muslims are willing to give up the mental confinement of their home countries — countries, let’s not forget, which they left in search of a better life. For as long as they refuse to adapt to a European state of mind, they will perpetuate resentment and a culture of violence.

What did “we” do to “them”? We opened up our cities, our houses, our wallets. And in our secular temples of progress — our metro stations and airports and theaters — their sons are killing themselves, and taking our sons and daughters with them. There is nothing for which we need to apologize. “Occidentophobia” originated in the Muslim community. We need to demand they abandon it.
"We need to demand" Muslim immigrants and their offspring abandon radical views towards Western society. Can you see the politically correct left in Europe or the U.S. doing so?

Lesson for United States: Assimilate Migrants or Refuse Entry!

In New York Harbor stands the Statue of Liberty holding the golden torch aloft to welcome those from other lands. But no where in the plaque she holds does she declare that the sins of the old world are acceptable in the new. To the contrary, the words of Emma Lazarus are inscribed ""Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" That applies to Muslim radicalism.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration has issued 680,000 green cards to migrants from Muslim nations over the last five years and is set to open the door to tens of thousands more refugees. They too will be offered every benefit of American life yet with no expectation they embrace our values.

Obama continues to refuse to acknowledge the root of the problem:

Meanwhile, attacks during the Obama years from San Bernadino terrorists, the Chattanooga shooter and Major Nidal Hassan show the same predilection for killing by first generation arrivals that have plagued Europe. Continued unfettered immigration will only increase the likelihood that such attacks will be more frequent in the United States as they are now in Europe. Thanks a lot!

UPDATE: Obama White House deletes the words "Islamic terrorism" from translation of remarks by French President at press event with Obama. I suppose the Paris and Brussels attacks were another case of "workplace violence?" Or is this a demonstration of the Servpro motto: "like it never even happened!"

UPDATE: For a history lesson on how progressive political correctness and it's sister muliculturalism have rotted Europe from the inside and allowed it to become the incubator of Islamic terrorism, see Amir Taheri's column in the New York Post titled "Brussels is what happens when liberals don’t push immigrants to integrate." An excerpt:
The Belgian multiculturalist elite, helped by political allies in France and Germany, also secured European Union subsidies for Islamist propaganda in the shape of seminars and conferences and, ultimately, the creation of a European Fatwa Council headed by the Muslim Brotherhood televangelist Sheikh Yussef al-Qaradawi. For the past two decades at least, Brussels has been the principal center for the publication of jihadist material in Europe. God forbid any of these dangerous ideologies be stifled.
Belgium's tolerance allowed the country to become a central breeding ground for Islamic terrorism. Note that the same liberal Belgians who protested Bush Administration anti-terrorism policies have now become the victim of the same radical Islamic terrorists they sought to protect. If this keeps up, liberalism will be the death of us all!

Full size image here.  Print one out and leave it laying around your office. Thanks AOW!

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