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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Good News for Renewable Energy as Battery Breakthrough Makes Economic Sense

Now, if they could only make the rest of green energy tech make economic sense they might be on to something!

Obama has tried to force green energy technology down our throat to enrich his greenie crony friends. But frankly, most of what his green crowd wants to do makes little economic sense. Even with government subsidies, alternatives to conventional energy are only affordable for the very rich.

But while Obama permits wind turbines to kill bald eagles and skirt wildlife protection  legislation and solar panels remain hopelessly inefficient, there is hope at least for one aspect of renewal tech: batteries. A company called Biosolar has developed a battery made from common plastic, not toxic chemicals, that is lighter and holds more juice at much lower cost than current technology permits. And it didn't take some massive government program to bring it about. It presents the possibility of making a whole range of electric based energy technology more affordable.

If only the wizards of smart who want to cram inefficient and expensive green tech down our throats spent as much time working on practical solutions like Biosolar batteries the problem might be solved. But then, they might not be able to enrich themselves as fast as they currently do at government expense!

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