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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Russian Jets Buzz U.S. Warship Near Poland as Obama's Weakness Invites More Aggression

Remember when Obama canceled the missile defense deal with Poland hoping for a "reset" in Russian relations? He got the reset. Just not the one he claimed he wanted!

Throwing our Polish and Czech allies under the bus at the start of the Obama Administration by canceling the hard fought missile defense deal was supposed to appease the Russians. There was celebration in Moscow. Obviously Putin knew early on that Obama could be rolled. Obama hoped that appeasing Russia would allow a "reset" in relations. In the years that followed Russia has become more belligerent than ever. Invading Ukraine, sending troops to Syria and taking ever more aggressive military action. All Obama has done in return is to express his "concern."

And here we go again! Russian jets and helicopters buzz a U.S. warship in the Baltic Sea this week while on maneuvers with Poland.  At one point a jet came within 30 feet of the Navy Destroyer USS Donald Cook in what the U.S. Navy described as a "simulated attack." Ship operations were suspended due to the danger.

So close to danger and all Obama does is express "concern."
Obama's response? More empty words. That's worked so well in the past hasn't it? White House Spokesman Josh Earnest acknowledged "repeated incidents over the last year" that are not "consistent with international law." Earnest concluded "we continue to be concerned about this behavior."

How many years will the Obama Administration do nothing but express their "concern" over Russia's aggressive, unlawful and belligerent behavior? Obama's weakness must continue to cause allies like Poland to have their own "concern" about the failure of leadership in the White House and the value of aligning with the United States. How many future wars will start because the Nobel Peace Prize President did nothing more than express "concern?"

UPDATE: The lesson of Obama's weakness hasn't lost on China which cheered America's "humiliation." No one will be surprised if China follows suit. Obama's weakness in opposing China's fortification of artificial islands in the South China Sea continues to move the day closer that actual hostilities will result!

UPDATE: Russia blames U.S. for fracas. I'm surprised Obama hasn't offered an apology. Give him time!

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