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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Left Wing Fascist Mob Causes Violent Riot Outside Trump Rally in New Mexico

Once again, THEIR rights (and many are not American citizens or even here legally) Trump yours!

Imagine what the headlines in the mainstream media would be today if hundreds of Trump supporters showed up at a Bernie Sanders rally and assaulted supporters, including one in a wheel chair, threw rocks at the police and their horses and committed multiple other acts of mayhem while they shouted obscenities. Front page and a constant loop of video highlights on cable news right?

Just what message are Mexicans trying to send by
waving that country's flag outside Trump rallies?
Anyone want to try this in Mexico with American flags?
But when Bernie Sanders and illegal aliens (who may also vote for Bernie, who is going to stop them?) show up outside a Trump rally shouting "viva Mexico" while waving Mexican flags and committing acts of violence that just doesn't get the same coverage does it? Can you imagine what would happen if Trump supporters went to Mexico and shouted "USA, USA" while waving Old Glory?

The coverage of this event in New Mexico apparently did not warrant the same national media attention a single Tea Partier would get if he shouted "down with Obama." The bigger story here is how these kind of organized left wing fascist attacks are increasing in scope and violence.

Trump was attacked for suggesting that many illegal aliens crossing the Southern Border were criminals and drug dealers. For some strange reason, protesters outside Trump rallies seem determined to prove him right. Case in point, the following photo from the New Mexico event:
While a child holds a sign claiming she is not a drug dealer, nearby another holds a sign
saying "free El Chapo" Mexico's most notorious drug lord responsible for thousands of deaths. And these people think Trump is a fascist?
These protests are a direct assault on American democracy. The right to free speech and peaceful protest are enshrined in the American system but not violence and destruction. Trump is right to describe these people as "thugs" and "criminals."

Those with longer memories than the Useful Idiots showing up outside Trump rallies remember that Nazi Brownshirts undermined an elected democracy in Germany. Violence and intimidation were the key to destroying German democracy and enable all that followed. The only difference between these anti-Trump criminals and Nazi Brownshirts is the color of their clothes!

Another Conservative Shouted Down on Campus

The incubator of left wing fascist violence is found on American college campuses. It's there that the shock troops of the new fascist left were inculcated by highly paid professors with the idea that their rights trump those with whom they disagree. We saw another example of that at DePaul University Tuesday night where a speech by a British Conservative Milo Yiannopoulos was brought to an end by left wing fascists who rushed the stage, grabbed the microphone and threatened physical violence if the event continued.

Apparently if you claim that a speaker is presenting ideas you find objectionable or perceive them as a threat you are fully empowered to do whatever it takes, including violence, to stop speech from proceeding.

There is no way this kind of thing ends well if it keeps up. At some point one of those being bullied will fight back. Of course left wing fascists would love that but they would also deserve what they get. Meanwhile, the behavior of these goons confirm everything Trump has been saying and only make his appeal to mainstream Americans all the greater!

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