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John Bolton

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Monday, May 09, 2016

No Go Zones in Sweden. Is This the New Normal for Muslim Migrant Communities in Europe and U.S.?

Once again, the unintended, but entirely predictable, consequences of left wing do-gooders means more women and minorities will suffer!

With the best of intentions the Swedes opened their doors to waves of Muslim immigrants. They were rewarded by sexual assaults on women and boys, rock throwing and violence by young Arab and African men who they brought into their communities. Sweden has now become the rape capital of Europe.  Certain neighborhoods near Stockholm are described as "war zones" by hardened news correspondents with experience in other war zones.

It took one generation for the children of Muslim migrants in Brussels to mount the Paris and Brussels attacks. With the seething tension of newly arrived young Arab men in cities across Europe it won't take a generation for the newly arrived to radicalize. That is if they aren't radicalized already!

Who thought it was a good idea to bring millions of migrants who don't speak the language, have no job prospects and have no tie to Western culture into their cities? Common sense should have warned against just such a thing. But then, the left has never been big on common sense!

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