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Friday, June 03, 2016

Blood in the Streets as Anti-Trump Protester Burn the American Flag, Wave Mexican Flags and Assault American Citizens

These left wing illegal alien fascists make the best argument for deporting illegals!

We are now seeing the fruits of Obama's legacy. Recall that Obama told a Hispanic audience to "punish your enemies" and told other supporters "if they bring a knife, we bring a gun." Left wing fascists took those words literally as violent protests continue to mar the 2016 election campaign.

The latest left wing brownshirt attack on democracy and free speech happened this week in San Jose, California where Trump supporters were violently assaulted by protesters chanting "Bernie. Bernie."

Here are some photo lowlights:

Can't be much more un-American than to burn the flag 
and wave a Mexican flag!
This photo is the best reason to BUILD A WALL and deport illegals!
Trump supporter runs for safety while being hunted by fascist mob!
A female Trump supporter assaulted with eggs.
Imagine if the Tea Party had done this to a female Democrat!
Other signs saying "stop the hate" seem ironic when it was the protesters carrying them who attacked innocent American citizens exercising their constitutional right to participate in the democratic process.

Meanwhile, at least one left wing media activist cheered on the protests and tweeted: "If Trump comes to your town, start a riot." How would HE like a riot at the next Dem event he attends?

For years violent left wing protests have been given a wink and nod from their masters. Noah Rothman writes at Commentary:
These fits of violence did not arise in a vacuum. These are the rewards of a political culture that has been nursed into existence by a liberal left that glorifies fanaticism. The liberal political culture on American college campuses sees no virtue in forbearance or tolerance toward dissenting views – real dissent, not the shy diffidence of a powerless minority. American college campuses are today plagued by a cast of insecure locusts who are simultaneously fragile as porcelain and uncompromisingly confrontational. This same cast of characters writes “a love letter to ourselves” and creates ideologically homogenous “safe spaces” where intellectual stimulation is thought tantamount to trauma.

This is a group that invents dangerously despotic concepts like “the right to be believed” for the alleged victims of violent crimes like rape while concurrently conveying upon speech they don’t like the power of physical violence. This attenuation of the severity of true violence has consequences. One of them is that it is now easier for these individuals to appeal to brutality as just another instrument in the political activist’s toolbox. Conservatives have long protested that the left’s desire to call speech violence and violence speech will have terrible consequences. They are upon us.
Inciting violence means you are also inciting a backlash. No doubt if that happens these same left wing fascists will howl for help from the same police they have assaulted. There is no room for this kind of violence in American politics. Democrats like Obama who have urged their supporters to action are to blame!

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