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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando Shooter Pledged Allegiance to ISIS, Was Registered Dem Known to FBI. Dems Blame Guns and the Right

Once again Obama feigns ignorance: "precise motivations of the killer" unclear!

UPDATE: "He always talked of killing people': Former co-worker of Orlando terrorist says he warned his security firm bosses he was a deranged homophobe but they refused to fire him because he was MUSLIM!"

Here we go again! A mass shooting motivated by radical Islam, allegiance to ISIS and one for which ISIS took credit and Obama can't say the words "Islamic terrorism."

Well, at least he didn't try to insist that it was "workplace violence" as his Administration did FOR YEARS after Fort Hood shooting where 13 Americans died.

Updates on the shooting continue to pour in but we do know that 50 people were killed and more injured in an Orlando nightclub on Saturday by an Islamist gunman who pledged allegiance to ISIS in a 911 call shortly before the attack and referenced the Boston Marathon bombing.

Most of those who were killed were gay. In April an Orlando Muslim Imam suggested that gays should be killed "out of compassion." We're used to seeing gay men with hands tied thrown off the roof of tall buildings in Iraq and Syria by ISIS. Now they are doing the same in the U.S. Where is the gay community that has defended Obama and Hillary against the charges of indifference to the threat of ISIS? Why does Obama allow what amounts to REAL hate speech by Muslims in the U.S. to continue?

Meanwhile, the usual suspects on the left knocked themselves over to get to a microphone to blame the shooting on a lack of gun control and even blame conservatives. Bernie Sanders came out of the box along with other leading Dems to blame the gun, not the shooter. Yet the Islamist gunman in Orlando was known to the FBI and had recently purchased the weapons used in the attack. So much for background checks!

A member of the ACLU blamed the Christian right for Islamophobia and being anti-gay. Pretty sick but I suppose that's easier than facing the truth that EVERYTHING YOU THINK IS A LIE!

According to the FBI this attack "was organized and well-prepared." Not in any way a random act. Here's the Islamist monster who committed this atrocity:

If this monster had been a member of the Tea Party that's all you would be hearing about today. But he's a Dem so expect the focus to remain on the gun and everything possible to diminish the obvious ties to radical Islam!

Mateen was a first generation American born of Afghan parents. His father praised the Taliban. We've seen how the first generation of Muslim refugees have gone on to launch horrific attacks in Paris. There have been other, less deadly attacks by first generation Muslims in the U.S. like the Chattanooga shooter who killed five U.S. military servicemen a year ago.

Meanwhile, Obama continues to let approximately 100 Syrian refugees into the U.S. every day. How many more of these attacks will we suffer because of Obama's blindness to the problem?

UPDATE: 7 Months ago Obama bragged his strategy to defeat ISIS would succeed. Is this what he had in mind?

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