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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Terrorist in France Uses Truck to Kill 84 in Attack on National Holiday. Will Obama Now Tout Truck Control?

Tempo of murderous attacks is growing. When will Obama view the matter as anything more than an opportunity to advance a gun grabbing agenda?

UPDATE: Jihad Confirmed! Driver shouted "Allahu Akbar" as he killed!

Bodies litter the streets in France after terrorist attack:

Body of a dead child is covered with doll lying next to her in aftermath of Nice, France attack.
Photos and more information at the Daily Mail.

Two Americans were among the dead including 11 year old Brodie Copeland from Texas:

11 year old Brodie Copeland from Texas was killed along
with his father Sean.
A woman refuses to leave the side of a fallen loved one.
What is common factor in terror attacks?

Immediately after the Orlando night club shooting Obama launched yet another cynical political push for gun control. That won't be so easy this time since the killer used a truck. Other recent attacks include bombings in Baghdad and in airports in Turkey and Belguim and others hacked to death in Bangladesh. The common factor with these and other terror attacks with guns is RADICAL ISLAM! Someone please tell Obama.

With these attacks mounting almost exponentially, it's clear that the current anti-terrorism strategy is NOT WORKING. Obviously, the policy of refusing to connect Islam to terrorism is a horrific mistake (1,2,3) How many more will die before Obama and other leaders wake up?

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton wants to bring one million Muslim refugees to the U.S.!

How long before signs like these appear in our communities?

In Britain:

In Sweden:

It may be too late!

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