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Monday, August 15, 2016

Black LIES Matter Triumphs Once Again as Truth About Milwaukee Cop Shooting Gets Shelved in Favor of Fake Racial Narrative

Willing accomplices in the media play along with the lies despite the damage to racial harmony and destruction to private property!

It took two separate investigations, including one by the Obama Department of Justice, to conclude that the "hands up don't shoot" story line in Ferguson Missouri was a lie. But by that time it didn't
matter. We still have people today who refuse to believe what multiple eye witnesses at the scene (who are black) said or what the forensic evidence showed.

So, it's no surprise to see the race making winding up again based on a LIE.

In Milwaukee, a black man was stopped and attempted to flee. Body cameras show he had a gun in his hand and refused police orders to drop it. Sylville Smith, 23 died at the scene in Milwaukee on Saturday. Turns out, he had been previously charged with gun crimes and a long police record. Like Mike Brown in Ferguson who strong armed a store clerk before reaching inside the cop car of Officer Darren Wilson trying to take the officer's gun, Smith is no bright eyed innocent.

Here is Smith posing with a gun and his arrest record:

"Good" boys don't commit multiple gun crimes!
Democrats never miss an opportunity to demand stronger gun control laws, but sadly, they don't seem to care about enforcing existing gun laws even where a gun has been used in a crime!

Meanwhile, the media lapped up the big lie as illustrated with this headline in the New York Times:

The reporter actually got the facts right, but the editor who wrote the headline just didn't care and neither will the Black Lies Matter crowd.

And the big fact that was missed by the Lies crowd: The officer who shot Smith is BLACK!

But none of that matters to the Black Lies crowd. Just like the 65 people murdered in nearby Chicago in July. Two thirds of them were black and 71% of their killers were also black. But no protests for them!

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