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John Bolton

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Did Obama Lie About Payments to Iran?

Suspicious transfers of $1.3 billion raise legal questions!

Investigative reporter Claudia Rosett of the New York Sun discovered a series of money transfers from the U.S. Treasury totaling 13 cents shy of $1.3 billion the Obama Administration paid to Iran in return for that terrorist state signing the dubious nuclear deal.

Here's a closeup of the page from the Treasury web site:

After news leaked that Obama sent $400 million in cash aboard a cargo plane in return for release of American hostages in Iran Obama pretended that it was the only way to transfer the funds. He said "we couldn’t send them a check; and we could not wire the money."

Well, apparently that money was wired to somebody but the "most transparent Administration in history" is refusing to explain.

The transfers give every impression of trying to hide from scrutiny using a method called structuring. Americans who engage in similar behavior, including former Speaker Dennis Hastert, go to JAIL. But remember, this is the Obama Administration which is the LEAST transparent Administration in many, many years. Who will hold Obama accountable for his lies?

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