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Monday, August 08, 2016

Don't Expect Same Level of Accountability in Obama's Version of Iran-Contra Scandal As We Did During Reagan Years

Obama's massive infusion of terror funding is far worse!

Imagine what would happen if a Republican President of the United States engaged in a back door deal with the Iranians to secure release of hostages. Oh... wait... you don't have to imagine. 30 years ago the Iran Contra scandal was on the front page for months. Democrats insisted that a special prosecutor be appointed to look into any violation of law. Dems held hearings which were broadcast gavel to gavel on television and radio. Democrats accused Reagan of trading arms for hostages and even considered impeachment.

But Reagan never considered stuffing an unmarked plane full of $400 million in untraceable currency and shipping it to the Iranians. The same Iranians who held American hostages until the very moment that planeload of cash arrived before freeing them and openly discussed how it was a ransom.

The Obama Administration insists that it wasn't ransom, but part of the deeply flawed nuclear deal. Top Iranian officials like Basij Commander Brig. Gen. Mohammad Reza Naqdi disagree. Gen. Naqdi said “This money was returned for the freedom of the U.S. spy and it was not related to the [nuclear] negotiations.". The Iranians showed pictures of the cash on television describing the hostage for cash swap. It seems the only person who doesn't think it was a ransom payment is Obama.

And what did Iran spend this cash windfall on? A 90% increase in it's defense budget. That means millions more for their terrorist clients Hezbollah and Hamas who are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans in the Middle East for decades. This makes Obama the biggest financier of anti-American terrorism in the world!

Worse still, Obama violated existing criminal law against funding terror states. Senior Justice Department officials objected to the payoff but were overruled. So, there is no one to prosecute for this crime and no special prosecutor will be called.

Obama will keep on lying knowing full well that most reporters are on his side and won't ask too many hard questions. Reporters have been lied to before by the Obama White House. Asst. National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes bragsThe average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. … They literally know nothing.” Obama's connections with young reporters proves they will swallow any lie they are told!

Democrats held the Reagan Administration accountable to the nth degree in Iran Contra. But there won't be ANY accountability for Obama. The level of corruption in the Obama Administration is total. But at some point, perhaps the not too distant future, the folly of this corruption will be written in blood for all to see. Obama's corrupt weakness invites war!

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