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John Bolton

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

In Minnesota Another Left Wing Fascist Attack at Trump Rally. Supporters Assaulted, Robbed, Spit On.

Imagine the media outrage if this Trump supporters behaved this way at a Hillary rally!

In Germany during the 1920's roving gangs of Nazi Brownshirts routinely attacked political opponents. As more and more opponents were intimidated into silence Nazi power grew. You know the rest of the story.

So far we've had assaults on Trump supporters in New Mexico and San Jose California. And in Chicago "peace activists" managed to storm the stage and a Trump rally had to be canceled. Smaller examples are no less troubling. The 70 year old woman with a Trump sign outside her Virginia home had her home vandalized. In Pittsburgh, a Trump supporter was beaten up by a Hillary goon while cameras rolled.

Ironically, at some of these attacks anti-Trump protesters can be seen carrying signs saying "stop the hate."

On Friday in Minneapolis, Minnesota a Trump rally was canceled and a private, no press fundraiser held instead. But the left wing nuts still came out to protest and to attack. They assaulted Trump supporters as they attempted to enter or leave the venue and even jumped on cars in Trump's motorcade.

Political violence by one party is an anti-democratic attack on free speech and the U.S. Constitution. It represents the greatest threat to our freedom today. Yet the incidents by anti-Trump protesters are largely unreported or downplayed. You can imagine how different the news would be if these were Trump supporters attacking those at a Hillary rally.

Free speech is under assault. How long will we stand by as the danger grows?

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