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Monday, September 19, 2016

More Muslim Migrants Go on Jihad Rampage with String of Bombings and Knife Attacks

Why do Hillary Clinton and Obama let in MORE Muslim refugees?

You heard the news over the weekend. Multiple bombs in the New York and New Jersey area, fortunately most did not detonate and no one was killed though dozens were injured. The bomber, who was later apprehended, is Ahmad Khan Rahami a refugee from Afghanistan. He had been arrested for gun crimes and violence, had traveled to Afghanistan to Taliban areas and had shown clear signs of radicalizing yet was not on any terror watch list.

In St. Cloud Minnesota, a Somali refugee went on a stabbing rampage specifically targeting non-Muslims.

Meanwhile, Obama could not bring himself to describe these events as acts of terror. And Hillary Clinton blamed Donald Trump claiming he is a "recruiting sergeant for the terrorists."

After eight years of the Obama/Clinton policy of trying to placate radical Islam (perhaps we should just use the word appease) it's difficult to imagine how the massive spike in recent terror attacks can be traced to anything but a failure of the Obama/Clinton anti-whatever they call it, policy.

Obama continues to insist we need not be concerned about a new wave of Muslim immigrants while Hillary suggests we should increase the numbers by about 500%.

Terror attacks in the United States have been increasing in frequency since Obama became President.
Whether it was the Fort Hood or Chattanooga shootings, Boston Marathon bombings, San Bernadino or Orlando shootings and now this the common thread is that the perpetrators are all radical Muslims. Most were immigrants or refugees.

Obviously the policies of his Administration to stop those attacks have failed. Hillary Clinton played a key role in implementing the foreign and national security policy to address these issues. It isn't Trump who is the best friend that terrorists have but Obama and Clinton!

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