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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

FBI Releases Document Showing State Dept. Official Attempted to Bribe FBI to Help Hillary with Email Classifications

Discussed a "quid pro quo" to trade favors to aid coverup!

The FBI released more documents surrounding the Hillary email investigation. The stink just keeps getting worse. Here's an excerpt:
“[REDACTED] received a call from [REDACTED] of the International Operations Division (IOD) of the FBI, who ‘pressured’ him to change the classified email to unclassified. [REDACTED] indicated he had been contacted by PATRICK KENNEDY, Undersecretary of State, who had asked his assistance in altering the email’s classification in exchange for a ‘quid pro quo.’”

“[REDACTED] advised that, in exchange for marking the email unclassified, STATE would reciprocate by allowing the FBI to place more Agents in countries where they are presently forbidden.”

“According to [REDACTED], KENNEDY spent the next 15 minutes debating the classification of the email and attempting to influence the FBI to change its markings.”
Clear proof of the lengths Hillary's cronies will go to in order to protect her. Bribing the FBI with an offer to let them have their way if they play ball by lessening the severity of the classified information Hillary put at risk with her private email server.


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