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John Bolton

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Electoral Map: Hillary's America is Series of Islands of Defeated Liberalsim. Plus, Pope Hillary? No Wonder Left is Losing It!

Trump's map gives you the bigger picture in more ways than one!

Don't miss the other election analytical graphics below but I had to add these. From the New York Times. This is the America that Trump won:

This is where Hillary won:

Pope Hillary?

Thanks "Kaisfriend" for sending this article from Reason magazine. How the left saw Hillary as their own version of Pope Francis:
Trump supporters view their man as a leader "fused with the idea of the nation"? Perhaps some do, but at least they don't see him as "light itself." That's how Clinton was described in the subhead of a piece for Lena Dunham's Lenny Letter. "Maybe [Clinton] is more than a president," gushed writer Virginia Heffernan. "Maybe she is an idea, a world-historical heroine, light itself," Nothing this nutty has been said by any of Trump's media fanboys.

"Hillary is Athena," Heffernan continued, adding that "Hillary did everything right in this campaign… She cannot be faulted, criticized, or analyzed for even one more second."

That's a key cry of the Cult of Hillary (as it is among followers of L. Ron Hubbard or devotees of Christ): our gal is beyond criticism, beyond the sober and technical analysis of mere humans. Michael Moore, in his movie Trumpland, looked out at his audience and, with voice breaking, said: "Maybe Hillary could be our Pope Francis."
And of course the light of Hillary had to be guarded against blasphemy. Truly did the Cult of Hillary seek to put her beyond "analysis for even one more second." All that stuff about her emails and Libya was pseudo-scandal, inventions of her aspiring slayers, they told us again and again and again.

As Thomas Frank says, the insistence that Hillary was scandal-free had a blasphemy-deflecting feel to it. The message was that "Hillary was virtually without flaws… a peerless leader clad in saintly white… a caring benefactor of women and children." Mother Teresa in a pantsuit, basically. As a result, wrote Frank, "the act of opening a newspaper started to feel like tuning in to a Cold War propaganda station."
It shouldn't surprise anyone that some on the left viewed Hillary as a Mother Theresa figure in a pantsuit. They viewed Obama as Christ too. They themselves are godless thus they revere flawed earthly mortals with religious zeal. They have only themselves to blame when their false idols come crashing down!

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