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John Bolton

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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

More Corruption as Dept. of Justice Appoints Friend of Hillary Campaign Chair to Investigate New Email

The corruption never stops with this bunch. They don't even care how bad this looks!

So, the same Obama Department of Justice where no one saw anything funny about Bill Clinton going to great lengths to hold a private meeting with the Attorney General prior to a determination of criminality of Hillary's email scandal has now appointed a lead prosecutor to head up the new email investigation. But, turns out the prosecutor in charge is a good friend of the Chairman of Hillary's campaign.

Zero Hedge has the details. 

Long, long ago there was a crying need for an independent special prosecutor to examine this and the multitude of Obama scandals. The continuing corruption at DOJ further underscores that need. Of course the only way that's going to happen is if Trump is elected. If Hillary wins, corruption will be even more widespread in government!

UPDATE: DOJ Podesta Friend Gave Clinton Campaign "Heads Up" on Email Hearing
You really think this guy can be impartial in investigating Hillary's email problem?

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