Monday, December 12, 2016

After Wisconsin Recount Trump Vote Total Goes UP! Will Those Demanding Count Now Recognize Election Legitimacy?

Recounts in both Michigan and Pennsylvania were stopped by judges. Green Party candidate had no chance to win, thus recount was unnecessary!

It's official. President-Elect Trump has won the Wisconsin recount. According to official results his lead in that state actually increased by 131 votes to a margin of 22,308 votes over Hillary Clinton.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who paid for the recount as a fundraising stunt, gained 66 votes but still got around 1% of the total votes cast.

Judges in both Michigan and Pennsylvania have blocked demands by Stein for recounts in those states citing the fact that the candidate requesting them had no reason to believe the results would change.

Though there are still questions about the vote in Michigan where precincts around Detroit which heavily favored Hillary Clinton faced recount anomalies after it was discovered that the count of ballots cast did not match the count of voters who signed the official voter rolls. Stuff much?

Certified election results from these states will now stand and Trump's victory in the Electoral College is all but assured. Will the protesters stop trying to de-legitimize Trump or will they continue to isolate themselves and reveal just how anti-Constitutional they really are?

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