Saturday, December 24, 2016

Imagine the Media Firestorm if Trump Backers Verbally Assaulted Chelsea Clinton w/ Her Children or Obama's Daughters

But apparently left wing fanatics think it's open season on Trump's daughter and her children taking a public flight!

By now you have heard the story. A rabid New York lefty verbally accosted Trump daughter Ivanka as she sat with her children and husband on a Jet Blue flight to San Francisco. Reports suggest the encounter was a planned confrontation to "harass" Ivanka with the man telling her among other things that “Your father is ruining the country!” The man also questioned why Ivanka was even taking a public flight as if that's his business.

Just how Trump "is ruining the country" when he hasn't even been sworn in yet was unclear. But then, these lefties never do bother to explain themselves.

But can you imagine the nationwide media outrage if Trump supporters had "harassed" Chelsea Clinton on a public conveyance or had done so to Obama's daughters? Well, hard to imagine that as you don't see those folks flying coach now do you?

This is what we've come to. The angry Left feels not just empowered, but entitled, to abuse the rights of others from some delusions of Trump hatred and a false sense of moral superiority. See the video of the woman below showing "this is my America" damning Electors who voted for Trump, or the nationwide outbreak of violence and vandalism directed at Trump supporters and it's clear that many on the angry Left are bordering on what could be serious psychological issues.

Let's make sure they get the help they need. First, by repealing ObamaCare and second, by watching Trump's policies unleash a nwe wave of American prosperity!

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