Thursday, December 29, 2016

Liberal College Professor Uses Extremely Obscene Language to Repeatedly Abuse Pro Trump Muslim Woman Online

Imagine the media outcry if any Trump supporter in a similar position had done this to a Muslim woman!

I won't repeat the foul language that was used to attack a Muslim woman for supporting Trump. It's the same kind of vile, obscenity the left spits out every day in the comment sections of blogs like this. The difference is that the perpetrator is an associate professor at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. One of the nation's premier colleges. 

You can read the story at the Daily Caller.

At any university, conservative thought and speech is regarded as hate speech requiring expulsion of the offender. Remember the meltdown at Emory University in Atlanta when a student wrote "Trump 2016" in chalk on the sidewalk? Students complained that they feared for their lives after that. 

But here we have a liberal college professor using the worst language possible to attack a Muslim woman. Where's the Obama Department of Justice which repeatedly threatened criminal investigations for any speech threatening Muslims? 

And don't expect much response from Administration at Georgetown. Universities across the country have been looking the other way for years as liberal professors abuse students and colleagues for failing to adhere to their left wing fascist demands.

Just another example of the left wing fascist meltdown. They are becoming borderline psychotic!

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