Friday, January 13, 2017

Sen. John McCain Refused to Traffic in Obama Rumors But Played Key Role in Fake Russian Smear of Trump

Apparently McCain's standards are lowered considerably when it's an attack on a member of his own party!

As candidate for President Senator John McCain, who visited Mike's America in 2007, refused to traffic in the dirt on Obama. He dismissed the birther issue with contempt, told a woman at one rally not to call Obama a "socialist" and rebuked a radio announcer for using Obama's middle name "Hussein."

But when it came to dirt on Donald Trump, McCain dispatched a key aide on an urgent transatlantic trip to clandestinely meet a man who promised to dig the dirt on Trump. Democrats have their fingerprints on this too, as well as a former GOP presidential candidate and Planned Parenthood. But McCain played a key role. (Sources: Daily Mail, Wall Street Journal, Guardian)

Of course NONE of the fabricated story was in any way verifiable but that didn't stop the Trump haters from running with it and getting egg all over their face.

For decades John McCain has cultivated a reputation for being a straight shooter. All that goes out the window with his role in this farce. The little bull dog may have been re-elected by his Arizona constituents last November to serve a 6th term but hopefully it will be his last!

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