Sunday, February 12, 2017

Pelosi Touts Muslim Religion While Ignoring Enslavement of Women

Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? Does it not apply to mosques?

During the recent wave of hyperbole and distortion by Democrats following Trump's Executive Order on Immigration House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi trotted out Indiana Rep. Andre Carson, whom she introduced as a “Muslim member of Congress.”

Not content to let that slide, Pelosi quietly whispered on an open mic to Carson: "tell them you're a Muslim."

Does anyone think Pelosi would EVER do that with a Christian? Pelosi and other Democrats have been silent on the genocide against Christians around the world and the enslavement of young women forced to be sex slaves for radical Islamic terrorists. The New York Times called the ISIS enslavement of women "A Theology of Rape" yet Pelosi and other Democrats who take to the streets in protest against Trump's order turn a blind eye. But just wait until the next false charge of rape on an American college campus and Pelosi and friends will gin up the outrage machine once more.

Pelosi: Friend to Muslims and Murderers

Pelosi ignored U.S. Law and Bush Administration pleading by holding
meeting as House Speaker with Bashir Assad in Damascus Syria 2007.
But we shouldn't overlook Pelosi's insistence that the speaker above identify himself as a Muslim. Pelosi has a soft spot for Muslims and the more evil the better. Perhaps readers have forgotten her meeting, as then House Speaker, with Bashir Assad, President of Syria. She met in the Syrian capital against the wishes of Bush Administration foreign policy officials and that event helped bring a certain level of legitimacy to Assad who went on to butcher children by the thousands.

How do Democrats square their identity on behalf of women's rights with their newfound desire to link themselves more closely with Muslims? By ignoring reality. Here's the reality of what Islamic Law means to women around the world:

Nancy Pelosi. Friend to Muslims everywhere!

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