Saturday, March 11, 2017

Report from Venezuela: "Every Day is Worse. It's a Nightmare!"

Social justice activists have destroyed the country. They would do the same to the U.S. if given half the chance!

I have a friend in Venezuela. I hesitate to write often as the news is never good. The situation is so bad now that Middle Class citizens are forced to scour garbage dumpsters looking for food. Hunger and malnutrition are so widespread that the average citizen is rapidly losing weight. Cryptic jokes about the "Maduro diet" named after the communist dictator are widespread.

My friend writes that food aide is not being distributed to the people but sold. This is corroborated by Associated Press news reports.

The health care system has nearly collapsed with many people unable to get medicine or treatment. Hunger compounds the problem. The story of Kevin Lara Lugo who died on his 16th birthday after eating contaminated dumpster food is a sad reminder of the human toll this socialist scourge has wrought. The hospital Kevin was taken to when he fell ill did not even have the most basic supplies that might have saved him.

Venezuela's communist government is founded on the principle of social justice. Instead, they are delivering misery to more and more. What a shame the hard lesson the Venezuelan people are learning cannot be transferred to do-gooders elsewhere. Or is it the old saying that "misery loves company" so support your local social justice warriors!

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